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ELECTRIC POULTRY NET - 12 / 48 / 3 50M

Product Code:942-825

A portable, 48" electrifiable prefabricated fence. Just attach a fence energizer and it's ready to keep poultry in and their predators out.

PoultryNet™ 12/48/3

  • 12 horizontal strands
  • 48 in. tall
  • Vertical strings every 3 in.
  • Posts (built-in) every 12 ft., .60" dia.
  • Post spikes (SS or DS): .26" dia., 6" long.

Common uses

  • Contain and control the movement of chickens, ducks and other poultry.
  • Prevent raccoons, coyotes, foxes, dogs, and other predators from killing poultry.
  • Rotate poultry to fresh grass as a food source and reduce disease risks.
  • Not effective with baby chicks that are small enough to crawl through the net openings and therefore are not deterred by the electric shock.


Nets last over 10 seasons if used and stored properly. Its mortal enemy is errant lawn mowers!

To install

The same “unroll and then unfold” process applies to all electrified nets. Minimal strength or skill needed (and no tools). You will need an energizer to electrify the net. Extra posts needed at corners, curves and ends (use step-in posts or FiberRods).You will need an energizer to electrify the net.

Extra support posts are useful at corners, curves and ends. Use either step-in posts or FiberRods.

NOTE: Dry conditions and wintertime usages—may reduce the effectiveness of electric fencing.

  • CAD $249.95 /CH
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