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The co- operative grades and markets close to 3 million pounds of raw wool each year; the majority of this coming from 
Each of the three general classes of wool (fine, medium and coarse) are sold wherever the best prices are available.

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How to care for your Genuine Canadian Sheepskin

Your sheepskin needs no more than the usual care you give normal bedding or woolen garments. However, daily airing is suggested, keeps the sheepskin fresh and lessens the need for more frequent washing.

Small, lightly soiled areas can be sponged off and dried with a towel. Washing only as necessary is recommended.

Washing Instructions

Agitation will matt the wool.

1. Completely immerse the sheepskin and wash gently for 5 minutes in lukewarm water (70-72 degrees) using Eucalan Woolwash or a liquid detergent.

2. Rinse in cool water unless Eucalan Woolwash is used and you can bypass the rinse cycle, therefore, directly using the spin cycle.

Air Dry

Hang your sheepskin by two corners on a line, outside if possible, Avoid draping the sheepskin over a line or clothes rack before completely dry as this may leave a crease in the skin.

Machine Dry

When using a dryer, use the same heat as for woolen garments. Alternate low heat and no heat until completely dry.

** When drying, take the sheepskin out at least twice and stretch by hand in all directions. Use a coarse comb or brush to fluff wool when dry.**

“Eucalan Woolwash” is preferred, however, all normal household laundry preparations, including cold water detergents, are safe for your sheepskin, but enzyme action washing powders should not be use.


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